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About ISKCON Boston

ISKCON Boston was established as the "Radha Krishna Temple"  in September, 1968,  at 95 Glenville Ave. in Allston, MA. by Satsvarupa das Goswami and other devotees, who kept in contact with Prabhupada, in New York, through regular letters of encouragement and advice about setting up a  Krishna temple from scratch. Prabhupäda visited the tiny 95 Glenville Avenue storefront, the first Boston Temple, on two occasions. The first time Prabhupada visited Boston was ... read more

About This Website

Whether you just visited ISKCON Boston Temple only once or whether you lived here for many years, you may have experienced something that has affected you in a significant (or in a small) way. Maybe you just want to share your memories about good old times and good old friends. Please, do so and inspire your friends to do the same. Don't be shy, post your photo so that if someone doesn't remember you by ... read more